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What is RAK Events?
Random Acts of Kindness is a Consulting and Events Company that focuses on Corporate Social Investment Events and Employee Volunteer Programs.
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Why RAK Events?
Our formula for event planning is a mixture of exceptional creativity, personal interaction, and exacting attention to detail that will excite and stimulate.
Unforgettable Experiences

Whatever event we do for you – be it a close to your heart CSI Project, a Wedding, a Party or a Corporate Function, the RAK Team is guaranteed to pour their hearts into your special day. We love what we do and when we put that love into action we deliver an event that you will never forget!


CSI Events and Employee Volunteer Programmes/Team Building

We will arrange your CSI project from inception to completion - and what is so unique, is that with every CSI Event we involve your employees by designing the event with a Team Building element. Employees use their time and skills to give back to an organisation or community - and have fun as a team while doing it.

Event Management

RAK Events is your all-in-one implementing partner - we focus on your experience and your ultimate expectation. We manage all your event requirements under one umbrella making your planning process simple and streamlined. Make your event Spectacular with RAK Events!

Incentive Travel

Customised corporate travel incentives and destination management services. We plan and manage events in South Africa or abroad and are committed to giving your teams a remarkable experience. We aim to please and create compelling times for all!

Luxury Weddings and Milestone parties

Nothing but the best for your dream wedding day and special party. From weddings on a budget to “nothing spared”, from 1-year old birthday parties through to 80th birthday parties – RAK Events knows just how to make these days “go down in the books”. Our luxury wedding and party planners ensure a smooth planning process, with only the most focused attention to detail and precise and perfect execution on the day. We are just the right team for you – touching hearts is what we do!

Function Hire

From the tent to the table, from the chair to the chairback we have it all. Our décor pieces are unique and specially chosen for a wide variety of different functions. We make sure that you have everything you need to make your function look terrific. If you don’t need event management – we are happy to deliver the gorgeous items you have selected and take care of the installation too. We are at your service.


The grey stubby caterpillar moves its way along the tree branches looking for its next leafy meal. It crawls along slowly, finds its way to the green leaf and is content to have its head down as it nibbles away. The butterfly has the freedom to fly high into the blue sky and view the world from a perspective that the caterpillar cannot. The butterfly flies from flower to flower and experiences the soft touch of the petals under its feet, the sweet taste of the nectar, and the gorgeous floral colours – and does this with great admiration of its beauty from one and all.

The grey and stubby caterpillar or the Kaleidoscopic butterfly – which would you rather be? Few would choose to be a caterpillar – their lives are not glamorous at all. From eating leaves all day, shedding their skin as they grow, and then forming themselves into a pupa where they change from the caterpillar to butterfly – this is the struggle of the caterpillar.

As it is with our lives – we struggle through the challenges of life, much like the caterpillar, striving to overcome obstacles as we transform and adapt to circumstance! As this is happening, we too are becoming butterflies!

We live in a society that is in constant transformation – everybody wants to be a butterfly. Most times struggles are exactly what we need – they shape who we are. Just as in nature – they are processes of life. The challenges are part of the journey and prepare us for what awaits.

At RAK Events we believe in and appreciate the journey from caterpillar to butterfly – it is our vision that through our CSI Projects everyone will become a butterfly and fly – while never forgetting their caterpillar journey.

We love our clients

“Working with RAK events over the last few years has been an absolute pleasure. Through our partnership we have been able to help people from different communities and this has really touched our hearts. Michelle and her team are really professional and will go the extra mile to make everything come together. The work they do is truly admirable, and we look forward to working on many amazing projects together.”
Helen Da Fonseca
LOREAL South Africa
“I have worked with RAK Events since 2015 and have been very impressed with their work. Their attention to detail and the genuine care and understanding of the communities we work with has been incredible. They come up with relevant and meaningful ideas and we have been able to quadruple our volunteering since partnering with them. I can highly recommend them.”
Linsey Sherman
Corporate Social Investment Investec Bank Limited
“Working with the RAK team has been such a pleasure. The team is brilliant, professional and ensures that each event is executed flawlessly. It really makes a difference to work with people who know what they are doing and are willing to do what it takes to make it happen. We are lucky to have such a strong partner in RAK events. ”
Corporate Social Investment Investec Bank Limited
“Brainwave has had the pleasure of working with RAK EVENTS on a variety of CSI sponsored projects and programmes over the past 3 years. What sets RAK EVENTS apart from their competition? Their competitive edge most definitely has to be their willingness and eagerness to meet their CSI sponsor’s deliverables and targets in an extremely professional manner. Nothing is ever too much for RAK EVENTS and they go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver CSI related products and services that meet only the highest of standards. RAK EVENTS has a knack of working with learners and our more vulnerable communities in an extremely interactive and pragmatic fashion. Their knowledge and expertise in regards to the target audiences they work with provides a deep understanding of what needs and wants need to be met, all the while doing so in a loving, caring and understanding fashion. RAK EVENTS staff members are professional, friendly and accommodating, a true delight to work with. It is no wonder that RAK stands for ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, because that’s what they are, kind and approachable to all. RAK EVENTS comes highly recommended, a real value add to your CSI projects and programmes.”
Tyrol Venturini
National Programmes Manager and Director Brainwave Careers
"Since October 2017 I have had the good fortune of working with Simone, Michelle and the other ladies from RAK Events. The CSI events that have been taken place were successful thanks to the help we received from RAK. Recently we went to Marhagi Secondary School, Mpumalanga to present a Career Guidance booklet and give the scholars advice on their future career paths. We addressed the grade 8’s to 12’s, lunch was provided for the entire school as well as the teachers. This was not an easy task to pull off however thanks to the ladies from RAK everything ran smoothly. However, my most memorable CSI event was when we took children from a rural primary school to see the Black Panther movie at Ster Kinekor, Polokwane Mall on the 22 June 2018. Most of these children had never been to a movie never mind a shopping mall. Thank you, Simone, Michelle and all the ladies at RAK Events for your dedication, professionalism, smile and positive energy. It is a pleasure working with RAK Events and I hope to continue doing so in the future."
Ines Leal
PA/Project Co-Ordinator