Our Story

About RAK Consulting and Events

Random Acts of Kindness is a Consulting and Events Company that focuses on Corporate Social Investment Events and Employee Volunteer Programmes.

But that is not all – RAK Events also offers a variety of other event services in the following areas:

  • General Event Management (Golf Days, Conferences, Corporate Events etc)
  • Incentive Travel
  • Luxury Weddings
  • Milestone Parties
  • Function Hire

RAK Events has the DNA of the perfect event. Our formula for event planning is a mixture of exceptional creativity, personal interaction, and exacting attention to detail that will excite and stimulate.

With RAK Events you will never be in the dark as we provide analytical insights into your events through extraordinary project management, communication, follow-up, reporting and continuous feedback.

This exceptional ethic is carried through in both the Corporate Social Investment project arena, as well as in the management of other event services.Our events are always a great hit – yours could be next!

PIFF – The Paying it Forward Foundation

Due to the huge amount of success that RAK Events has had from their professional service in the CSI arena, a Non-Profit organisation – The Paying it Forward Foundation was established.

The work of the NPO fits its name perfectly – at PIFF we Pay it Forward on behalf of our clients.

Clients are offered the opportunity to donate money to the Paying It Forward Foundation for a specific cause – this could be to buy blankets and deliver them to an old age home or to buy school shoes and deliver them to a school.

It could also be to donate money for a project where company volunteers would like to spend time making something for the needy – like a plate of food or a piece of artwork.

Through PIFF we are able to issue all our clients with a Section 18A Certificate.


CSI Events

  • Motivating teams to have a heart for community
  • Driven by compassion for others
  • Desire to improve lives
  • Provide opportunities for empowerment and growth
  • Providing solutions for everyday problems
  • Meeting peoples needs
  • Encouraging change through leading by example

Other Events

  • We love creating lasting memories
  • Making dreams a reality
  • Rewarded by providing your event with the X factor
  • Inspired to push the limits of the industry
  • Thrive on expressing our creativity
  • Motivated by customer satisfaction
  • Just for fun…

Meet THE Boss. Lady

RAK Events owned and managed by Michelle Wohlberg was established in January 2015.Michelle is a seasoned Events and Projects Manager who has worked in eventing for the past 10 yearsMichelle has studied Sales and Marketing, Human Recourse Management, Project Management and various Events Management courses over the last 10 years to update her skills and to keep on trend with industry requirementsShe has designed and implemented events for companies such as Cell C, Water Institute of South Africa, Gov Tech, Gijima and the Dream team to name but a fewMichelle’s clients are testimony to her exceptional dedication to each project – going the extra mile on every single event to make it an unforgettable experience for all.

The success of RAK events lies in the heart of personal and “intimate” service to clients and a strong set of values. With Michelle’s warm and outgoing personality, compassion and love for people, clients are treated as friends and always become part of the family.

Michelle works with a team of people who embody the same values – a winning recipe for a dynamic team.



Operations Manager​

Juls keeps the wheels going at RAK Events and is a great support to the entire team! Juls has the mammoth task of ensuring that all the elements of every event have been put into place and are actioned.  She thinks of absolutely everything  and we love her for this as there is so much that goes into the planning and execution of a successful event. Not only does she make sure our events are perfectly put together, but is also a huge support to Michelle in the event details and to Nazan in the finances. If this is not enough – she is also responsible for all our travel arrangements as we execute events around the country. Juls is the RAK Events GO To lady!


Financial and Procurement Manager

Nazan handles the finances of the company. She does this with finesse and no fuss at all. There are so many events going on simultaneously and to keep track of the budgets , payments , purchases and costings for each event takes exact attention to detail and a finger that is never off the pulse. Nazan is also responsible for the purchasing of all items needed to run the office, as well as the purchasing of all items needed for each event. Nazan is also a keen DIY fundi – this is a huge plus for RAK Events.


Events/Project Manager/Sales

Simone is involved in the planning of events and works closely with Michelle, Juls and Nazan on the execution of the events. Simone loves engaging with people and because of this she works on the “frontline” and will be seen at many of the RAK Events Activations. She loves Creative Writing and Presenting and it is fantastic that she is able uses those talents in the …………..of RAK Events. Simone is also responsible for new business at RAK Events


Events Co-Ordinator

Tisetso was first introduced to RAK Events 3 years ago through our partnership with the Student Engagement Department at the University of Johannesburg. She volunteered to assist RAK Events during Nelson Mandela month and that has been the standard procedure ever since. We just loved her enthusiasm and positive vibe.  In 2020 – after her Graduation in Logistics and Project Management,  Tisetso took over from Angel Mgayo and joined the RAK Team permanently. She is also responsible in the planning of events and works on the “frontline” at Event activations.



Event Packer and Merchandise Controller

Nothando joined RAK Events 4 years ago to assist with cleaning our offices.  Her willingness to learn and her keen interest in the events saw the cleaning duties become less and less! She was soon promoted to Event Packer and Merchandise Controller and has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 4 years. Today,  we absolutely cannot do without Nothando!  She packs all items needed for every event, labels the boxes as they are loaded into transport for delivery to events, checks stock out and then post event she unpacks stock and updates stock lists. With all this going on she still assists to keep the office clean and offer a cup of tea when we need it most.


Event Packer (Assistant to Nothando)

Regina assists Nothando in the packing and unpacking,  as well as the merchandise control for all events. She is a quite natured person but her positivity and love of life is loud and proud. Whenever the going gets tough Regina is always ready with a hug and words of encouragement for the team. She is still learning the tricks of the trade but we suspect that she would love to be on the “frontline” a lot more – using her lovely personality to engage the clients.


RAK ‘Contractor”

Joseph is the only man on the RAK Events Team and boy oh boy do the ladies take advantage of that!  Joseph is a skilled builder/tiler/painter and handyman. He is a jewel in a business such as RAK Events. We specialize in Employee Volunteer Programmes and we constantly have to create activity ideas for employees to complete. Many of these activities are DIY projects and Joseph is instrumental in this regard. He will design the item according to spec and then make the sample which employees then use as their guide. Joseph also has to make and prepare many other items needed for our events,  such as tyre chairs, ottomans, couches, planter boxes and musical instruments to name but a few. He also does the renovation work, paint work, and tiling work on our bigger projects. Being the only man, he also assists the ladies to load up and carry all the heavy items.