Budgeting 101


Event Description

“Budgeting 101” is an initiative that will assist the school Principals, school office staff as well as Managers running Non-Profit Organisations to create a viable and practical budget for their organisations.

Budgets assign your money to a job and establish spending limits for specific expenditures so that you can use your money responsibly.

Budgets tell your money where to go – instead of wondering where it went.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to “teach” the Principals and the Manages of Non-Profit Organisations, in a workshop setting about “Budgeting 101”.

The beneficiaries of the training will learn about the factors to consider before creating a budget, how to budget, how to avoid common budgeting mistakes, and how to ensure that the budget is adhered too.

The objective of the initiative is to assist the organisation to systematically reach their goals through effective budgeting skills.