Bundled Up

Creative and Innovative Initiative

Event Description

Bundled up is the perfect initiative for those who love the idea of making a blanket – but can’t sew.

The DIY No-Sew blanket gives everyone the opportunity to make a warm fleecy blanket without much fuss!

The blanket is made by attaching a double layer of fleece together by cutting fringes and tying the fringing together.

Lovely printed fleece fabric is selected for the blankets, along with a complimenting plain colour. The double layer of fabric makes this blanket super warm.

The volunteers make the blanket using a step by step guide.

Once the blanket is complete, it is rolled up and secured with a piece of ribbon and a personalized card for the beneficiary.

The blankets are wonderful for adults, children, our old folk and even our furry friends.
Bundle up a team and come and make this special and warm blanket.