Project Pallet

Making Of Pallet Furniture


Event Description

“Project Pallet” – much the same as our tyre furniture making project – is truly a project for those who are inspired by creating unique furniture and décor pieces from either a discarded pallet or a used tyre.

Furniture made from pallets or pieces of pallet wood has become not only a “trendy” décor statement, but also a very practical solution for making furniture on a budget.

The pallet furniture is made by a team of volunteers and donated to an organisation that needs furniture.

Organisations are always short on seating options, so chairs, ottomans, couches and benches are popular to make. They are also short of tables for eating areas – and so some simple table designs are also made.

There are so many designs to choose from when making pallet furniture – the good news though, is that most of the designs are surprisingly simple to make.

The RAK team will provide a DIY Guide, as well as a “handyman” to assist the team to make the selected pieces of furniture. The team will assemble the furniture, paint the furniture, and where needed will also make cushions for the furniture.

It may sound daunting – but teams are always surprised and extremely excited when they stand back and admire the unique furniture.