Event Description

The objective of “RE – Imagine “is to upskill Caregivers in Early Childhood Development Centres to be able to arrange craft activities for the children from recycled items.

Craft activities are so important in the development stage of a child – they improve fine motor skills, give practice for completing complex tasks, strengthen visual processing skills, gain confidence from learning a new skill, and build perseverance in seeing a project through to the end. These are just a few benefits of craft time.

Craft Time at school is so exciting for the children – other than play time – Craft Time is the very best!

The children jump at the opportunity to express themselves through craft activity.

Unfortunately, most pre-schools cannot offer craft activity time due to lack of recourses as well as the teachers not being familiar with these types of activities.

The objective is that the volunteers will spend time with the teachers of a pre-school – facilitating a crafts “session” where the teachers will learn how to make a selection of crafts from “recycled items”.

The selected craft items will form part of a theme – highlighting the idea that craft sessions can be used to enhance a lesson – eg: – the lesson could be on nature – so the craft item will be planned around the nature theme. 

The goal is that teachers can collect the needed items from the community and arrange “Craft Time” sessions for the children in the pre-school.

A starter pack of paint, paintbrushes, glue, glitter, decorative tape and other simple craft items can be donated to the pre-school to ignite the teacher’s enthusiasm for craft activities.