Silver Light Events (Elderly)

Package One & Package TWO


Event Description

The Series of “Silver Light” Events are designed to “recognize” the old folk and make them feel special and valuable.

If you have a soft spot for the elderly and would like to share some love and light with them – please volunteer for this heart-warming initiative.

Package 1 offers an exciting day of on-site activities for the volunteers – and of course for the old folk: –

• Cooking of a hot and delicious meal for the old folk
• Decorating the dining tables with the décor provided
• Making flower arrangements for the dining tables
• Making of a selection of DIY gifting items for the old folk. These items could include a body cream, a fleece blanket, a decorated pot plant, personalised mugs and tasty biscuits treats.

The old folk will be over the moon to see you – so be ready with a hug, a smile and a word of encouragement for these dear people.

Package 2 caters for volunteers that would enjoy making the selection of items for the old folk at their office premises.