Spelling bee

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Event Description

The School Spelling BEE initiative is the perfect event for a team that enjoys a dose of healthy competition coupled with loads of fun.

A Spelling BEE is a competition in which children try to spell words correctly – anyone who makes a mistake is out and the competition continues until only one person is left.

The Spelling BEE is a sure way to motivate the students to learn to spell, broaden their vocabulary and ultimately improve literacy.

The learners are issued with a “words list” prior to the competition day so that they can practice their spelling and prepare themselves for the big “spell off”.

Volunteers can choose to either assist with the running of the semi-finals as well as the final competition.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to assist the learners in a practice spelling session, as well as take up important roles in the Spelling BEE – this would include Judges and word callers.

What you need:
To be able to spell
Passion for literacy
Enjoy spending time with learners
Fun Spirit