Standard Bank Library Implementation Project

Giving learners the opportunity to read – one library at a time!


Success Story

The Standard Bank Library Implementation Project is an ongoing success story. The initiative started in 2017 and four years later, in 2020, the Project is still making an impact in Primary Schools across South Africa.

RAK Events is proud and privileged to work hand in hand with Standard Bank as their Implementing Partner on this Initiative.

 We work closely with the CSI Department of Standard Bank – making use of its Employee Volunteer Programme to plant libraries in South African Schools.

The objective of the Project is of course to give the schools a wonderful new library with a stock of relevant, age appropriate and exciting new books – but the ultimate goal would be that by the means of the library, the children will cultivate a love and passion for reading.

The Department of Education and the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture support the Initiative by assisting in the selection of schools that need a library.

They too are excited about this ongoing project as it is their wish that every Primary School should have a Library.

The selected school identifies an available classroom or other space that will be suitable to implement a library, alternatively the school will identify 3 classrooms in which library corners are established.

The RAK Events team then goes into the schools to prepare the classroom for the library implementation. The classroom is cleaned, painted and general repairs are taken care of where necessary.

Library related wall art is drawn on to the walls and shelving is custom made to kit out the library.

The Standard Bank employee volunteers complete the project by providing the final touches to the library or Reading Corners. The volunteers are always so excited to get involved and they go the extra mile to make the space look amazing for the children.

Each library receives an allocation of 1000 new books.

This Project has seen the implementation of _____________________ Libraries in Gauteng in the last 4 years, and ____________________Libraries in the other 8 Regions of South Africa.

This project does not end at the stage of the library implementation,  but is followed through with Departments within Standard Bank that choose to adopt a school, and with the assistance of RAK Events, revisit the school to spend time with the learners engaging them in Literacy Activities and Story Telling Sessions.

The RAK Team also follows up with the schools during the year by visiting the schools to do the basic checks on the impact of the libraries.

Every Year, on behalf of Standard Bank, we ask the schools to fill out a Library Impact/ Feedback Document where the schools let us know if the Library has made a difference in the lives of the children.

This is when we know that the project is working as the feedback is always positive and Principals comment on what the library means to the children. Principals also report that grades have improved in the Foundation Phase since the library implementation.

This Project not a” tick a box” of how many libraries have been planted – but rather a very determined effort by Standard Bank to make sure that as many children in Primary Schools – and especially in the Foundation Phase have access to books, which if managed and driven properly by schools, could change their lives.