Tender Loving Care



Event Description

A Caregiver is indeed a special type of person – caring for the sick, the elderly and even for children without parents is a calling rather than a job. Care giving is an all-encompassing duty which requires the caregiver to be emotionally mature, spiritually sound and physically strong. Caring for someone that relies on you can be a privilege, a blessing and an honour, but it comes with sacrifice on the part of the caregiver. Caregivers need to be selfless in constantly putting the needs of the beneficiary before their own. It is because of their selfless commitment and their ever-demanding hard work that the “Caregiver kit’ was introduced. It is a “Survival Kit” that is given to the Caregivers as a token of appreciation for what they do and for what they mean to the people they take care of. The Survival Kit is designed to give the Caregivers a light-hearted dose of motivation, to make them feel special and valued. The Kit is filled with quirky items to inspire the Caregivers to “keep on Keeping on”. Volunteers will have a great time as they pack the boxes, in some cases decorate the boxes, make the cards and tie them on the boxes. Thereafter the boxes are delivered to our special Caregivers.