Thy Kingdom Care Centre – An Investec and Starfish Foundation Initiative

Support for Children and youth in Communities


Success Story
Thy Kingdom Care Centre is a registered NPO. A drop-in Centre that provides social and health care services to orphans and the vulnerable across the Sedibeng District. The organisation runs programmes to care for orphans and vulnerable children, and health care services for HIV/ AIDS infected clients, teenage pregnancy education, adherence support clubs as well as HIV/AIDS counselling and prevention of mother-to-child HIV/Aids transmission. The centre also offers a cooked meal after school for the children registered at the centre, they offer School After Care, Food Parcel Distribution as well as Educational Programmes. Thy Kingdom Care Centre is passionate about transforming minds and providing the youth of tomorrow with self-sustainable programmes and life coping tools. They motivate a positive mindset that unlocks destructive and negative behaviours in this important next generation. Investec worked closely with The Starfish Great Hearts Foundation to identify a Community Development Project as a long-term initiative that they could develop and support. Starfish is an organisation that supports children – orphaned or vulnerable in South Africa by working in partnership with community-based organisations. It is through this relationship that Investec was introduced to the Thy Kingdom Care Centre and committed to a 2-year Developmental Project with organization. At the time, Thy Kingdom Care Centre was operating from a few rundown shacks and a very unstable wooden structure. Their lack of adequate facilities greatly limited their potential to offer a full package of services in the community. It started with a vision from the Founder, Thandi Khanyile! Thandi had a vision board up on the wall of the lopsided wooden structure – the vision was to tear down the shacks and build a “mini container complex” on the property with multi levels. Each container would cater for the community in a specific area of need. In this way, Thandi could offer all the services needed in the community. Thandi shared her vision with the Investec CSI Team – and her vision became her reality. RAK Events was commissioned to work with Investec in realising Thandi’s vision and so became the Implementing Partner on this exciting project. Working closely with Investec, RAK Events manged the entire project in terms of the structural development of the container complex as well as activations for the employee volunteer activities. We worked with a specialist in the Container Conversion Industry to create the look that Thandi had dreamed off. A mixture of 12- and 6-meter containers, designed in single and in double story were strategically placed on the property. There was an ablution block, a training room, an office for the Founder, an office for the centre staff, a skills room and a library/after care room. Plumbers, electricians, welders and artists were all involved in getting the new centre up and running. The centre staff, centre volunteers as well as the community could not believe their eyes when the container complex was being put up. This was truly something unique for the community and one could immediately see that the centre was going to attract much attention. Now that the structure was up, the finishing touches needed to be put into place and what better way to do this than through the Investec Employee Volunteer Programme. RAK events designed a package of activities that were spread out in sessions over the two-year period to involve employees in finishing off the project and to assist the centre with some of their needs. Some of the activities were to paint in the pre-drawn wall murals on the interiors and exteriors of the containers, make shelving, pallet chairs and tyre chairs for each container, lay rubber flooring, hang blinds in each container, planting trees and plant flower gardens outside the containers, The volunteers also spent time packing hygiene and food packs for beneficiaries of the centre, making motivational journals for the youth, making some Early Childhood Development recourses, cooking soup and making sandwiches for the children, making delicious chicken stew and play time sessions. The project was a huge success and the centre is up and running and comfortably providing the desired services to their existing beneficiaries as well as many more!